Special Operations Memorial
To honor the selfless service and sacrifice of the men and women of the US Special Operations Command and its assigned forces
this memorial is dedicated and pays tribute to those who have made the supreme sacrifice through their service to the US special operations command

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Last Name First Name Service
Baca Mark M. USMC
Bahr Roy W. USA
Bailey R. USA
Baker Ben USA
Baker Chiyo Civ
Baker John USA
Bakke Richard L. USAF
Ballanfant R. E. USA
Bank Aaron USA
Bannar George A. USA
Baptiste Edwin Jean USA
Baracuda International Corporation Major Contributor
Barclay Paul N. USA
Barclay Vincent S. USA
Barker Geoff & Judy Major Contributor
Barker Geoffrey T. USA
Barker Robert G. USAF
Barnard Larry R. USA
Barnes Brian P. USAF
Barnes Gary L. USA
Barnes James E. USN
Barnes Ron USAF
Barnhill Edward C. USA
Barraza Ricardo USA
Bartlett Larry USA
Barton Sean USAF
Bass Robert USAF
Bass Robert H. "Sam" USA
Battelle Major Contributor
Bauer Elwood Civ
Bauman Bernard N. USA
Bawol Marcus USMC
Baxter Bruce R. USA
Baynard William T. Jr. Major Contributor
Beach Myron S. Jr USA
Beaubian Bill USA
Becker Andrew C. USAF
Becker Donald B. USAR
Beckman Robert USA
Beckwith Charlie A. USA
Beebe Mike USA
Beem Bradley C. USA
Behnke Patrick J. USAF
Beikirch Gary B. USA (MOH Citation)
Bell Arthur F. USA
Bell Ealy Coll Jr. USA
Bell Gene USA
Bell John J. USN
Bell Peter USA
Belletti Gregg M. USA
Benavidez Roy USA (MOH Citation)
Bennett Alexander J. USA
Bennett Jerome E. USAF
Bennett William C. USA
Bennett William M. USA
Benson Darrik C. USN
Berg Harold L. USA
Bernstein James J. USA
Berryhill Roger D. USA
Beseke Jeff A. USAF
Bessa Jeremy E. USA
Besser Thomas B. USA
Bessor B. USA
Bettelyoun Marty B. USAF
Beuge Paul G. USAF
Bibby Mark A. USA
Bigler John USA
Bikinis USA
Bild Frank USAF
Bild Norm USAF
Bild Norman USAF
Bill Brian R. USN
Birchim James USA
Bird Jeremy B. USA
Birdsalla Hank USA
Bishop Keith R. USA
Black Bryan C. USA
Blackburn Donald USA
Blackiston Slator C. USN
Blais Rock E. USN
Blakey George A., Jr. USA
Bland Thomas C., Jr. USAF
Blankenburg William R. USA
Blasjo Aaron A. USA
Blaylock Trevor P. USMC
Blessing Jay A. USA
Blessinger John P. USAF
Bligh David USA
Blue Thomas USA
Blyler Stephen A. USAF
Boatman Roy USA
Boesch Rudolph E. USN
Bohle Bradley S. USA
Bolin Neal L. USA
Bolton Lyndin W. USA
Bomark Ivan USA
Bon Appetit Donor
Bond Richard D. USN
Booker Isiah L. USA
Bookout C. F. USA
Books Ronald USA
Booz·Allen and Hamilton Major Contributor
Border Jeremie S. USA
Borja Juan S. USA
Bost Robert H. USA
Bost Family USA
Bostic Tom G, USA
Bott USA
Bottema John USMC
Bourgeois Matthew J. USN
Bowling Christopher USA
Boyd Michael A. USA
Boyles Timothy USA
Bracy Todd R. USAF
Bramhall Robert A. USA
Bramhill Robert E. USA
Brandon F. Eggleston USA
Brannum Robert E. USA
Brauer Elwood Civ
Braun Jerry P. USAF
Brave Special Operations Brethren
Brehm Dale Gregory USA
Breitlow Malte USAF
Brennan John P. USA
Briley Donovan USA
Brims Richard C. USAF
Brinton William USMC
Brite John C. USA
Brittonmihalo Andrew T. USA
Broadwater B. E. USA
Brock Anthony D, USA
Broderick & Associates, Inc. Major Contributor
Brogan Edward Pat USA
Bronte Frank USA
Broussard Alvin J. USA
Browder William T. USAF
Brown Adam L. USN
Brown Alan C USA
Brown Bryan D. "Doug" USA
Brown Christopher L. USA
Brown George R. USA
Brown Jason L. USA
Brown John W. USAF
Brown Mark L. USA
Brown Marvin L. USA
Brown Roy D., Jr. USA
Brown William R. USA
Brton Sean USAF
Bryant William USA
Bryant William M. USA (MOH Citation)
Brymer Todd USA
Buccaneers USA
Buccille Richard G. USA
Buckelew Alvin H. USA
Buckhorn Bob Civ
Bucklew Phil H. USN
Buckley Nathanial D. USAF
Buege Paul G. USAF
Buehring Charles H. USA
Buker Brian L USA (MOH Citation)
Bundy Ernie USA
Burda Bruce E. USAF
Burdette Hilburn M. Jr. USA
Burgess John F. USA
Burkhart Chad USN
Burkhart Walter G. USA
Burns Al USA
Burns Richard R. USA
Burrowes Corwin M. Jr USA
Burrus Louis H. USA
Busch Daniel R. USA
Bush Charles E. Jr. USA
Butcher Kenneth J. USN
Butler Kevin USA
Bya Bhi Montagnard
Bya Tiak Montagnard
Byers Andrew D. USA
Byers Edward C. Jr USN
Byrom Jack A. USN




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