Special Operations Memorial
To honor the selfless service and sacrifice of the men and women of the US Special Operations Command and its assigned forces
this memorial is dedicated and pays tribute to those who have made the supreme sacrifice through their service to the US special operations command

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Last Name First Name Service
Caban Eric USA
CAE USA Inc Donor
Caeline Gene USA
Calero Jeffrey R.. USA
Camacho Isaac USA
Campbell Christopher G. USN
Campbell Kenneth W. USA
Campion Francis T. ARNG
Candril Bruce C. USA
Carabello Luis USAF
Cardona Ronald W. USA
Cardott Gregory D.. USA
Carey Larry USNR
Carline Eugene USA
Carlson Steven Allan USA
Carney John, T. Jr USAF
Caro Henry USA
Carpenter Clayton O. USA
Carr Donald Gene USA
Carroll Dean W. USA
Carter Anthony D. USA
Carter David R. USA
Carter Mark T. USN
Cartwright Charles I. USMC
Carvella Tom USA
Casey Nicholas A. USA
Cassady John R. USA
Cathcart Michael A, USA
Cavaco James M. USA
Cavaiani Jon R. USA (MOH Citation)
Cavallaro Salvatore J. USN
Cavallero Joe Jr USA
CCC, Kontum USA
Cenney Bernard R. USA
Century Products Donor
Cerros Ricardo Jr USA
Cervantes Victor H. USA
Chalifoux Thomas Major Contributor
Chancey Terry O. USAF
Chandler Jeremy A. USA
Chapman Christopher USA
Chapman Clive ""Chip"" UK
Chapman John A. USAF
Chapman John A. USAF (MOH Citation)
Chapman Nathan Ross USA
Chapter 64, SFA Org
Charette Wilfred J. A. CIA
Chase Charles D., Jr. USA
Chatham Richard N. USA
Chavez Christel A. USAF
Chay Kyu Hyuk USA
Checque Nicholas D. USN
Cherry Bob G. USA
Chester John USA
Childress Alan R. USA
Chisolm Avonye John C. USA
Chittenden Todd A. USA
Choi Rodney G. USN
Chris Andrew F. USA
Christian Eric D. USMC
Christian Longsworth USA
Christian Rusty H. USA
Chumbley Barry R. USAF
Cianos Andrew M. USA
Cinkosky David C. USA
Civitella Caesar USA
Clark Barry M. USAF
Clark C. L. USA
Clark Charles W. USA
Clark Eddy D. USAF
Clark Mark A. USMC
Clark Otto F. USA
Clarkson Joel D. USA
Class 16 JSOFSEA
Class 17 JSOFSEA Joint
Clearon Corp Donor
Cleveland William D. USA
Cliff Richard G. Jr USA
Cline Randy K. USA
Clover USA
Clowers Jesse G. Jr USA
Cockerham William C. USA
Coehlo Antonio USA
Cofer Everette E. USA
Coffin Christopher USA
Cole Robert L. (Bob) USA
Coleman Mark W. USA
Colin T. Thomas USN
Collette Henry OSS
Collier Steve USA
Collins William USA
Comacho Isaac 'Ike' USA
Comfort Kyle A. USA
Commons Mathew A USA
Community Chapter # 292 Donor
Compton Carl USA
Conax Florida Group Donor
Conley John B. USA
Connelly Insurance Group Donor
Conner Bradly Dean USA
Conneway Timothy USA
Connors John P. USN
Conrad Alexander W. USA
Conway Robert USA
Coombs Bill USA
Coone George USA
Cooper Charles W. USA
Cooper William F. USA
Copes Gregory T. USMC
Coppinger John J. USA
Corbin John D. USA
Corlew Sean M. USAF
Cornell Lance S, USA
Cornell William V. USAR
Cornwell Mark D. USA
Cortez Donor
Costa Jeffrey R. USAF
Covey 275 USA
Cox Donor
Cox John USA
Cox John R. USA
Cox Robert H. USMC
Cox, John J. & Cameron Donor
Crabtree Daniel B. ARNG
Craig James USA
Crain Darcy USA
Crane Fred A. USA
Cranford William R. USA
Crantz Carl USA
Crate Casey J. USAF
Crawford Gary C. USAF
Creighton Andrew J. USA
Creighton Andrew J. USA
Crews Fletcher, A. USA
Cribben Stephen B. USA
Cripps William D USA
Critselous John P. USA
Cronin James S. USAF
Crose Bradley S USA
Crossan T. B., III USA
Crumley Bobby M. USA
Crusader R.T. USA
Cummings Christopher USA
Cunningham Jason D USAF
Curreri Joseph F. USA
Curry Joseph Patrick USA




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