Special Operations Memorial
To honor the selfless service and sacrifice of the men and women of the US Special Operations Command and its assigned forces
this memorial is dedicated and pays tribute to those who have made the supreme sacrifice through their service to the US special operations command

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Last Name First Name Service
Faas John W. USN
Fair Michael J. USA
Faley Jason USAF
Falkel Christopher M. USA
Fallen Brothers USAF
Fallen SF Brothers USA
Families of Quiet Professionals
Faris James C. USA
Farnum Albert D. USA
Farr Warner D. (Rocky) USA
Feeks Patrick D. USN
Feistner Curtis D. USA
Felton John T. USAF
Felton William M. USAF
Ferguson Bill USA
Ferguson Kenneth USA
Ferguson Richard L. USA
Fernandez George A. USA
Ferreira James A. USAF
Ferschke Mike Jr. USMC
Fester Gregory F. USAR
Field Thomas USA
Fields Arthur T. USA
Fillmore Earl R. USA
FinishMaster Donor
Fisher Bernard F. USAF (MOH Citation)
Fitzhenry Theodore USN
Flack James USA
Flanagan Douglas J. USA
Fleming Allan F., Jr USA
Fleming James P. USAF (MOH Citation)
Fletcher Kim W. USA
Florida Forest Service Org
Florida Power Major Contributor
Flynn Liam A. USMC
FOB-1, Phu Bai USA
FOB-2, Kontum USA
FOB-3, Khe Sanh USA
Foley Peter F. USA
Fontaine Sully USA
Fontan Jacques J, USN
Forester Mark A. USAF
Fortenberry Dick USA
Fortner Alwyn E. USAF
Fortucci Robert A. USA
Foshee Edgar E. USA
Foshee Jeremy D. USA
Foster Robert A. USA
Foster Samuel B. USA
Foster Steen B. USA
Fouke Thomas C. USN
Fowler Neil A. USA
Fox Walter M. USA
Fraley Jason USAF
Frampton Gregrory M. USA
Franciosa John L. USAR
Francke Eric USA
Frank Raymond A. USA
Franklin Guy E. USA
Fratoni Mark J. USA
Frazier Jacob L. USAFR
Freedman Lawrence M. USA
Freeman Bryan L. USA
Freitas Joe USA
Freiwald Jason R. USN
Fresques Jeremy J. USAF
Fridovich David P. USA
Friedland Alexia USA
Friend Al USA
Frith Kerry W. USA
Fritz Gregory W. USAF
Froberg Paul USA
Fronabarger Carl A. USAF
Fronius Gregory A. USA
Frye Nichole M. USA
Fryer John R. USA
Furbish R. Tyler USA
Furr Lonnie D. USA
Fusco Arthur A. USN




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