Special Operations Memorial
To honor the selfless service and sacrifice of the men and women of the US Special Operations Command and its assigned forces
this memorial is dedicated and pays tribute to those who have made the supreme sacrifice through their service to the US special operations command

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Last Name First Name Service
Waide Donald USA
Walch Richard H. USA
Walden Brett E. USA
Waldo David R. USA
Waldo Maturin F. USA
Waldron Bill USA
Waldron Monty USA
Walker Harold (Hal) USA
Walker Joe Johnnie USA
Walker Terrell USN
Walkup Thomas A. Jr USAF
Walls Barry R. USAF
Walsh Michael J. USN
Walt Disney World Major Contributor
Walters Dixon L., Jr. USAF
Walters Howard A. USAF
Walthers Frand D. USA
Warrell David K. USA
Warren Kyle R. USA
Warsen David J. USN
Waterman, J., Chapter USAF
Watkins Pat N. USA
Waugh Billy D. USA
Wayne George A. USA
Wayne Jones USAF
Weart Peter A. USAR
Weathers Andrew T. USA
Weavers Paul J. USAF
Wedding Stephenson & Ibarguen Architects Major Contributor
Weeks Jamie D. USA
Weidner Frederick W. USA
Weiss Morris Ben USA
Wells Charles R. USA
Wells G (Smokey) USA
Welsh Joey USA
Westburg Troy USA
Wheatley Kevin A. AATTV (VC Citation)
Wheeler Frank C. USA
Wheeler Joshua USA
Whitaker Joshua R. USA
Whitbeck Dyke H. USAF
Whitcher David J. USA
White Ashley I. USA
White Charles E, USA
Whiting Justin Ray USA
Whitlock Nicholas S. USAF
Whittington Ray USA
Wick Melvin USA
Wiegner John N. USA
Wieland Fredrick USA
Wilcox Charles USA
Wilder Jerry L. USA
Wiley Duke USAF
Wilkens Julian S. USAF
Wilkinson Adam A. USA
Willey Cheyenne C. USA
Williams Charles Q. USA (MOH Citation)
Williams Gene USA
Williams Gene usa
Williams Harold D. USA
Williams James E. USN (MOH Citation)
Williams John W. USA
Williams Larry USA
Williamson Gil USAF
Wills Charles R. USA
Wilson Mark R. USN
Wilson Ron C.
Wilson Samuel V. USA
Winder Nathan L. USA
Winegart Daniel USA
Winters Franklin D. USA
Wise Benjamin Brian USA
Wiseman Paul USA
Wiskow Ingo USA
Witter David J. W. USA
Wittner T. & J. G. Major Contributor
Woitowicz William J. USMC
Wolcott Clifton P. USA
Wolf Stephanie Major Contributor
Wood Leigh UK
Wood Roy A. ARNG
Woodle Ronald T. USN
Woods Earl D. USA
Woods Earl D. USA
Woods Travis M USMC
Woods Tyrone USN
Woods William B. Jr USA
Woodworth Jason T. USA
Woolard John Paul USN
Woolard Rick USN
Wooley Mike USAF
Woolshlager John C. USA
Workman Jason R. USN
Worrell Matthew W. USA
Wright Christopher S. USA
Wright Dustin M. USA
Wright James B USA
Wright Jeremy R. USA
Wright Melvin J. USA
Wright Michael L. USA
Wrinkle Christopher M. USMC
Wyatt A. Goldsmith USA
Wyatt A. goldsmith USA




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