Special Operations Memorial
To honor the selfless service and sacrifice of the men and women of the US Special Operations Command and its assigned forces
this memorial is dedicated and pays tribute to those who have made the supreme sacrifice through their service to the US special operations command

SOMF Home Index of Names Medals of Honor/Victoria Cross K-9 Plaque Order Form Major Contributors
Ashley, Eugene Jr., USA (MOH Citation)
Beikirch, Gary B., USA (MOH Citation)
Benavidez, Roy, USA (MOH Citation)
Bryant, William M., USA (MOH Citation)
Buker, Brian L, USA (MOH Citation)
Byers, Edward C. Jr, USN
Cavaiani, Jon R., USA (MOH Citation)
Chapman, John A., USAF (MOH Citation)
Dix, Drew, USA (MOH Citation)
Donlon, Roger H. C., USA (MOH Citation)
Fisher, Bernard F., USAF (MOH Citation)
Fleming, James P., USAF (MOH Citation)
Gordon, Gary I., USA (MOH Citation)
Hagen, Loren D., USA (MOH Citation)
Hosking, Charles E., Jr., USA (MOH Citation)
Howard, Robert L., USA (MOH Citation)
Jackson, Joe M., USAF (MOH Citation)
Jones, William A., III, USAF (MOH Citation)
Kedenburg, John J., USA (MOH Citation))
Kelley, Thomas G., USN (MOH Citation)
Kerrey, Joseph R., USN (MOH Citation)
Law, Robert D., USA (MOH Citation)
Levitow, John L., USAF (MOH Citation)
Littrell, Gary Lee (MOH Citation), USA
Miller, Franklin D., USA (MOH Citation)
Miller, Robert James, MOH, USA
Mize, Ola Lee, USA MOH Citation
Monsoor, Michael A. , USN (MOH Citation)
Morris, Melvin, USA (MOH Citation)
Murphy, Michael P., USN (MOH Citation)
Norris, Thomas R., USN (MOH Citation)
Ouellet, David G., USN (MOH Citation))
Payne, Keith, AATTV (VC Citation)
Petry, Leroy A, USA MOH Citation
Pruden, Robert J., USA (MOH Citation)
Rabel, Laszlo, USA (MOH Citation)
Ray, Ronald E., USA MOH Citation
Rodela, Jose, USA
Rose, Gary Michael, USA
Shields, Marvin G, USN (MOH Citation)
Shughart, Randall D., USA (MOH Citation)
Shurer, Ronald, USA (MOH Citation)
Shurer, Ronald, USA (MOH Citation)
Simpson, Rayene S., AATTV (VC Citation)
Sisler, George K., USA (MOH Citation)
Slabinski, Britt K., USN
Thornton, Michael E., USN (MOH Citation)
Versace, Humbert, R., USA (MOH Citation)
Wheatley, Kevin A., AATTV (VC Citation)
Williams, Charles Q., USA (MOH Citation)
Williams, James E., USN (MOH Citation)
Yntema, Gordon D., USA (MOH Citation)
Zabitosky, Fred W., USA (MOH Citation)


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